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Why should you transfer your domain to another registrar?

If you possess a domain name already, you may be aware of the process to acquire it. It's easy. You get on the web and look for a domain registrar, you check if your domain name is available for enrolment, and you find a fantastic deal on the domain using XYZ registrar. Then you get it enrolled. But after a few days, you find out that the client support of the accounts you registered the domain name with is not adequate enough and you do not enjoy them.

Then you search the web and find out that transferring your domain name from one registrar to another is possible. But do not know how? Is there an easy procedure? Can the website be down while shifting the domain name? Nearly hundreds of questions may arise on your mind.

Let us Consider these points until you move your Domain Name:-

Thinking about moving your own domain name?

You will encounter more than thousands of domain registrars on the internet. However, they are not at all same. The conditions, terms, and features they offer vary from registrar to registrar. You do not understand any of it in the starting phase. The preferred and the best thing is you can do is switch the registrars and select the one you like.


Pricing becomes an important part to transfer domain name to another registrar as different features are offered by each. The cost varies depending upon the offering. The ideal way is always to compare it with various registrars. Changing the ownership can be very feasible. You are able to change the ownership of the domain while transferring from one registrar to another.

Can they offer 24/7 service? If yes, what is the type of service they provide?

Assess if the features offered by the registrar are possessed by their own company or they resell from different businesses.

How to select the correct and excellent registrar?

As registrars have various offerings and features for their own clients, they mainly consist of: accessibility, security, mail accounts, sub domains, and web hosting solutions. If any registrar does not offer the features you're looking for, then you are able to switch to a registrar that offers what you want.

Along with the above mentioned options, listed below are a few additional aspects that you need to take into consideration before making the switch.

Assess if you are getting the value for money. Carry out comparison of different registrars to acquire a much better understanding.

Do you get any control panel from the registrar for controlling your domain? Could be your control panel easy to use?

Let us look at the ways to move a domain name!

As you can find thousands of registrars on the internet, offerings and competition between them makes it difficult for you to move the domain name from one to other. The procedure of domain name transfer may change from registrar to registrar, but some fundamental rules that guide the procedure should be checked out by every registrar:

Transfer Lock

This lock is essential to protect your domain name from unauthorized transfers. You need to unlock the domain for transferring it.

Authorization Code/EPP Code

To make the process protected and ascertain whether you are permitted to move the domain name, an authorization code is created, which may be requested by the sender through transfer. This is called as authorization code or EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) code.

Confirmation Email

Every time you begin a domain name transfer, there is a generation of an email and you will receive it at your registered email address. This is necessary to confirm the transfer. The email has few links that you need to click on for giving the authorization of transfer.

It may be exhausting to comprehend the practice of transfer on account of the specialized jargons, but we, at Hostlasting, have made it a lot easier for you. We assist you at every step and until your domain name is transferred successfully. We are at you service and only One Click away!!!



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