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SSD Linux Hosting Plans

Choose from our variety of plans that best suites your requirement. Not sure about wich plan to choose? We are here to help you.


70/mo ($1)

  • Host 1 Website
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • 3 FTP, MySQL
  • Free Let's Encrypt
  • 10 Email ID
  • cPanel Account
  • 99.99% LiteSpeed Uptime
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140/mo ($2)

  • Host 1 Website
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP, MySQL
  • Free Let's Encrypt
  • Unlimited Email ID
  • cPanel Account
  • 99.99% LiteSpeed Uptime
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210/mo ($3)

  • Host 3 Website
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP, MySQL
  • Free Let's Encrypt
  • Unlimited Email ID
  • cPanel Account
  • 99.99% LiteSpeed Uptime
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340/mo ($4)

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP, MySQL
  • Free Let's Encrypt
  • Unlimited Email ID
  • cPanel Account
  • 99.99% LiteSpeed Uptime
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The Hostlasting Advantages

Hostlasting offers the best shared web hosting services for startups, new bloggers, and small businesses. The website owners who just began their web journeys and have low traffic on their websites can opt for our cheapest web hosting services. We take pride in providing the best web hosting for blogging.

Our Linux web hosting plans flexible and includes a free cPanel for helping you in management of your websites, databases, and web applications with ease. Moreover, we provide free SSL certificates with every plan to ensure security of your websites. We also make sure your data is encrypted and secure from hackers.

Hostlasting provides unlimited shared web hosting with one-click installer to enable you in installing more than 300 applications and scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and others. The Softaculous app installer comes with each of our plans. In addition, all the plans provide you with unlimited disk space, ability to set up innumerable email accounts, and rapid data transfer. Our experts are available to resolve your queries around the clock. This eliminates the need to possess technical knowledge and enables you to focus on your core business.

On top of it, Hostlasting gives a 30-day money-back guarantee with each of our plans. So, choose Hostlasting for shared web hosting service.

Benefits of choosing Linux Shared Web Hosting

Fast-Loading Websites:

Hostlasting’s finely curated Linux web hosting plans with LiteSpeed technology ensure the fast loading of your website pages. We deploy state-of-the-art hardware to provide improved capabilities, efficiency, and reliability.

Free of Cost cPanel License :

Manage your websites and web applications through a single, easy to use dashboard through our cPanel license. Cherry on the top, this service will be free of cost for you.

Enjoy Hosting with 24x LiteSpeed Feature:

We offer you an extraordinary feature to increase the page load speed of your web applications and websites by nearly 24 times. Superfast websites have 2x the chances to rank on the first page on the various search engines while comparing with other normal websites. The highly dedicated Apache server along with the LiteSpeed web server will give you A++ speed when it comes to website load time as well as it handles maximum visitors at a time.

SSL Certificate :

You can avail different certificates on the similar IP address. This will empower you to avail SSL license without the need to purchase a separate IP.

Around the Clock Support :

Hostlasting believes in serving the customers with its utmost ability and dedication. We will address your queries and solve your issues rapidly as our experts are at your disposal around the clock. This will minimize downtime and disruption in your business.

One-Click Installation :

Hostlasting offers a script library named Softaculous that is capable of installing more than 300 web applications such as Drupal, Wordpress, and others in a single click. This offers you ease in use and saves a lot of your valuable time.

Improved Security:

We ensure your data and websites are secure from any data breaches and cyber-attacks. We employ advanced security software to protect CPGuard, emails, passwords, Hotlink, Leech, and other essential data.

Ease in Upgrading :

You can easily upgrade the services as the need arises with time. Our software helps you in upgrading the plans from Business to Pro. We also provide necessary assistance and free cPanel hosting.

Compatible with Leading Scripting Languages :

Hostlasting gives you an ultimate freedom to develop your website in the scripting language and framework of your choice. These include MySQL, PHP, and others.

Website Migrations for Free :

Our expert will help in migrating your website to our hosting platform without any cost. This will provide you all the advantages of our plans.



Free cPanel Hosting

All of our plans include free of cost cPanel hosting to ensure ease in management of websites and web application. It will provide you convenience in setting up FTP, emails, and databases.

More Than 300 Apps in a Single Click

Softaculous one-click installer by Hostlasting will help you in installing more than 300 web applications including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, and others. Along with installation, it will help you in updating or rolling back applications.

Migrate Websites Without Additional Cost

One of the striking advantages of choosing Hostlasting’s unlimited shared web hosting services is free of cost migration of your websites. Our experts will guide you in migrating your websites, cPanel, and others.

Free of Cost Email Hosting

All of your hosting plans offer you email hosting without any additional cost. Our services include a simplified email interface supported by IMAP and POP3. You will gain access to your emails from anywhere.

Fast-Loading LiteSpeed Technology

Websites that load fast become favorites of visitors. Boost the performance and efficiency of your websites with caching layers included in each plan. Our LiteSpeed feature would improve speed of both, static and dynamic, types of websites.

Compatibility with Different Scripting Languages

You can gain freedom of developing your website in the scripting language of your choice. Our hosting platform supports MySQL, PHP, Python, and other leading scripting languages and frameworks. Our unlimited shared web hosting services will help you in building powerful and scalable websites and web applications.


1. What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of website hosting in which multiple websites share the same server. This type of hosting lowers down the cost for each website. It is one of the most popular, easy-to-use, and affordable web hosting service. Various websites share bandwidth, disk space, RAM, and other parameters.

Hostlasting’s Linux shared web hosting services provides unlimited bandwidth, huge disk space, free SSL certificate, free cPanel hosting, Softaculous one-click installer. Our best-in-class unlimited shared web hosting services and flexible hosting plans ease up your journey on the web.

2. Why do you need Shared Hosting?

The major advantage of shared hosting is low cost. Once you avail the domain name, you need a hosting to get your website up and running on the internet. If your website is new and yet to gain high number of visitors, shared hosting is the most feasible option for you. Multiple website will share the same server and resources. Consequently, the cost will be shared too. Moreover, it requires very low or little maintenance and you do not need to possess much technical knowledge. So, for beginners and new websites, this type of hosting is the preferred option.

3. What are the scenarios in which shared hosting is recommended?

following are some the scenarios in which shared hosting should be preferred:
1. Beginners with low traffic on their websites should opt for shared hosting. Sharing servers and other resources for running your websites will be a cost-efficient option. So, if you are starting your website or business with a low budget, it can be the best option.
2. Linux shared web hosting is preferable for websites that do not require a lot of maintenance and control in terms of software. Moreover, the websites that do not need the root access should be hosted on the shared servers. Even when the websites owners do not possess much technical knowledge, this type of hosting becomes the feasible option. Hostlasting provides around the clock support to its clients. So, shared hosting becomes the best option.
3.Once your website is up and running and the traffic grows considerably. You might have chosen the shared hosting option with low traffic in the mind, but you can upgrade your existing shared hosting plan to accommodate the growing traffic.
In short, new bloggers, small businesses, and startups should prefer shared hosting option.

4. What are vital benefits of availing shared hosting services?

A. Shared hosting is the best option for saving cost and money. Moreover, there is no need to possess extensive technical knowledge. Following are some of the vital benefits of shared hosting.
1.Cost-effectiveness :With sharing of resources and servers, the cost is divided between the website owners. So, everyone can avail cost-effective benefits.
2.Already-installed control panel :With inclusion of cPanel, the simplified and easy to navigate dashboard will give you a control over your websites, web applications, databases, and others.
3.No requirement of technical knowledge :With our experts at your disposal around the clock, you will have your technical and administrative issues will be resolved as soon as possible.
4.No efforts needed for management :With shared hosting in place, the server management is handled by the provider, freeing you from the worries of management. Moreover, one-click installer provided with the plans helps you in saving time and availing required applications.
5.Ease in scalability :As the traffic grows and the need to accommodate the growing traffic arises, you can upgrade the existing plans without any hassles. You can get in contact with us and we will help in upgrading your plan.
6.SSL security :Security of your website is ensured with the SSL certificate that comes with each of our plans. This frees you up from the worries of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

5. Is there offer a money-return guarantee?

Yes, there is. We provide 100 percent a money-return guarantee.

6. What differentiates the shared hosting from other types of hosting? Is it better than others?

There are two major factors that differentiate the shared hosting from other types of hosting. The first factor is the hosting architecture and the other is cost. In terms of hosting architecture, server space, RAM, bandwidth, and other resources are shared with other websites. This, in turn, lowers the overall cost of hosting. It is better for small businesses, new bloggers, and individuals who do not have huge budgets and just beginning their web journeys. The newcomers do not need to avail dedicated server space; they can rent the space they require on the server.

7. Do you provide any money-back guarantee on Linux shared web hosting services plans?

Yes, there is 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our plans.

8.Do your shared hosting services include email hosting services?

Yes, our plans include email hosting services. On top of that, email hosting services are free of cost. A simplified webmail interface and support by POP3 and IMAP will help you in availing email access from anywhere. Moreover, you have a privilege to create an unlimited number of email hosting accounts. You website hosting space is utilized for the storage of email accounts and data.

9. Is upgrade services available for my Linux shared web hosting plan?

Yes, it is available. You can upgrade your current plan without any hassles as our team of expert will help you in the process.

10. Are Windows shared web hosting services available in your offerings?

Yes, we also provide Windows shared web hosting services that are equipped with advanced features and cost-effective.

11. Is buying a new domain a requirement to avail a Linux shared hosting plan?

No, it is not a requirement. You can utilize your existing domain while availing Hostlasting’s Linux shared hosting plans. While checkout, you can mention your existing domain name and you can avail our services.

12. How can manage websites and databases with Hostlasting’s Linux shared hosting plans?

With our Linux shared hosting plans, we offer cPanel VPS hosting without any additional cost. This cPanel contains an easy to navigate and simplified dashboard to help you in managing websites and databases without any difficulty or technical knowledge.

13. Is there any specified number of websites that can be hosted with shared hosting plans?

If you avail the personal shared web hosting plan, you can only host one website per domain. With Business and Pro plans, you can host multiple websites per domain. The number of websites depends upon the plan you availed.

14. Is the subdivision of my Linux shared hosting plan possible if I want to resell it?

As per our company protocols and regulations, Hostlasting does not allow subdivision of Linux shared hosting plan. However, hosting multiple websites per domain is possible with the appropriate shared web hosting plans. Moreover, you can avail reseller hosting plans to resell web hosting plans.